You start to transform your interior, but you still have doubts that if what you are doing is correct.
You change your circle, but you still miss those friends, that even though you know they are nothing, that they have nothing to contribute, you still miss them.
You want to change city thinking that maybe there everything can be different, of course, New city, there you are a stranger, but you still do not feel strange because you feel that you are not trying to fit into a world to which you do not belong and you will not belong .
That’s where you realize that it’s not bad to be different, it’s not bad to think differently from others, it’s not bad to act differently, because if you try to fit in everything you’re not really happy, if you try to make others happy, if you are and you think differently tranquil @ because you’re not the only one who thinks oh he thinks he’s bad, being different is great.


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